Our Quality Guarantee

All products sold comes with the manufacturer's guarantee as well as a 5-day money back return-guarantee from us. Terms and conditions apply.

All apparel are made with quality prints.

We use the latest DTG/DTF printing method.

Direct-to-garment (DTG) printing

This printing method is used for printing on clothing, and the process itself resembles digital printing on paper. Using this technique, pigmented water-based inks are applied to the garment’s surface and are absorbed by the product’s fibers. Typically, the garments are made of cotton or a cotton blend.

Direct-to-film (DTF) printing 

DTF printing involves printing designs onto a special PET film and then transferring them to a product using adhesive powder and heat. DTF transfers are made with white ink, which means they can be applied to any color fabric and still retain the vibrancy of the image.

Prints are guaranteed to be clear with bright colours or your money back.

Each print has a soft feel but will last long and survive more than 50 cycles of machine wash.

Shop with confidence!

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