About Mangers N Bash


There we were, Now here we are.

It all began on a dark stormy night.

Covid was rampant and the kids were restless. Their t-shirts were getting tighter and all the cool ones are old.

Suddenly, a thought came to mind and took a life of its own.

A need. A want. An idea.

All in the name of fun, we embarked, just as a power couple would, on an entrepreneurial mission.

Mangers N Bash was born.

Based in Singapore, we are a SME or rather TRTE (Tiny or Really Tiny Enterprise) that begain printing DTF shirts for kids off a cranky old heat press and a CAMEO machine.

Things took turn for the ridiculous. We decided to throw everthing into the endeavor. 

2024 marks our fray into the online e-commerce thingamabob.

Wish us luck,

Registered Business Name: Mangers N Bash

UEN: 53477547X

Address: 2 Venture Drive #14-02 Vision Exchange Singapore 608526